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Amazing Places to Travel to in 2021

With COVID-19 cancelling many people's travel plans in 2020, it is never to early to begin planning for next year!

There are many travel destinations all over the world that will be waiting for travelers to visit once it is over.

With that in mind, your next question might be where should you go? Here are some of amazing destinations to travel to in 2021:

St. Tropez, France

With its unforgettable ambience, divine cuisine, endless shopping and incredible art collections, St. Tropez has it all. Visit beautiful museums, relax at the beach, take in the film culture, indulge in nightlife, and look at the beautiful fishing boats, yachts, colorful houses, and chic cafés.

South Island, New Zealand

Beautiful, picturesque fjords, snowcapped mountains, temperate rainforests, and black sand beaches, the South Island of New Zealand is a nature-lover's paradise. The scenery around Queenstown is not only gorgeous, but provides many adventures such as bungy jumping, jet-boating, and more.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna recently went under a $240 million redevelopment project of the central train station, which includes stunning new hotels for travelers to enjoy. 2021 marks the 151st birthday of the legendary Musikverein concert hall and Beethoven's 251st birthday. Check out Vienna's interesting history, beautiful landmarks and architecture, incredible coffee and desserts and stunning parks and gardens.

Bangkok, Thailand

From the unbeatable street food to the affordable luxury, there will never be a dull moment visiting Bangkok Thailand. Enjoy shopping at the Chatuchak Market which spans 6.8 hectares, relaxing at the beaches and rivers, or various options for nightlife.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui has more miles of swimmable beaches than any other island in Hawaii. Enjoy white, black and red sand beaches and incredible food as Maui is one of the epicenters of Hawaiian Regional Cuisine. Maui also has a beautiful culture and history that can be appreciated through tours and museums during your visit.

Santorini, Greece

Witness one of the most marvelous sunsets you have ever seen in Santorini, Greece. The island is surrounded by turquoise water and cluttered with multi-colored cliffs, hot-headed volcanoes, and acres of sun-toasted sand. Visit the historical sights, enjoy mouthwatering cuisine, stay in luxury hotels, and visit some of the world's most unique and beautiful beaches.

San Fransisco, California

Home to some of America's most recognizable landmarks, including The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, and Alcatraz Island. Whether it is exploring the Castro district, eating your way through Chinatown, or a scenic ride on one of the city's historical cable cars, San Fransisco has something for you.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Whether you want to relax on local beaches or zip line down a mountain, Puerto Vallarta provides it all. Surround yourself with nature, indulge in wellness and self care, eat incredible cuisine and lay out by the beach.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto offers numerous reasons to visit, from historic temples and colorful shrines, to the mysterious culture of maiko and geisha. Visit world heritage sites and samurai castles as well as relax at a tranquil zen garden and enjoy Kyoto cuisine and matcha flavored goodies.

Capri, Italy

Off the southern coast in the Gulf of Naples, near Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast lies a 10 square kilometer island called Capri. With stunning landscapes, unique souvenirs and fun shopping experiences, beautiful Italian gardens, incredible Italian cuisine and desserts, and several boat tours to visit landmarks such as the Blue Grotto - Capri is a must visit.

Happy Travels!

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